Sponsorship of the CrowdFunding World Summit 2013


Signed into law on April 5, 2012 by President Obama, equity crowdfunding provides opens the door to a previously untapped source of growth capital for the entrepreneurial and small business community. By leveraging the power of social media companies can raise funds from fans and future customers. Rewards based crowdfunding has already seen explosive growth in recent years. In their May 2013 report, industry analyst Massolution reported an 81% growth rate for 2012, predicting $5.1 billion in worldwide volume for 2013. With prominent investors such as Google Ventures, Donald Trump, Reid Hoffman, Mike Maples, Michael Birch and Tim Ferriss joining the crowd, equity crowdfunding is poised to be an even larger opportunity.

An emerging market in hyper-growth with no sign of slowing down, and an audience eager for resources creates the perfect storm for a company focused on business development to provide the small business community access to the world’s leading minds on crowdfunding.

As A&E, CNBC, and Yahoo launch crowdfunding TV shows similar to Shark Tank, crowdfunding is dominating the news cycle. The Securities and Exchange Commission is tasked with releasing rules for Title III crowdfunding and people are hungry for meaningful education and content related to crowdfunding. Seeing an opportunity to produce a high-quality virtual online summit where new participants could hear case studies of success stories, the CrowdFunding World Summit 2013 was born.

About The CrowdFunding World Summit 2013

The purpose of the Summit is to educate small businesses, social entrepreneurs and startup communities about the tremendous opportunity that social finance (crowdfunding) offers them to grow their companies. Equally, the public’s  access to small, early, local investments will broaden ~ allowing diverse investment opportunities not seen since the 1920′s. The highest profile leaders within the crowdfunding and small business communities are represented. The Summit features more than 46 speakers including members of the U.S. Congress, former government regulators, international and U.S. crowdfunding companies, social media experts, venture capitalists, angel groups, impact investment professionals.. This impressive speaker base, as well as our large list of affiliate partners ensures the Summit will be well attended.

It is expected that more than 50,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners will register for this one-of-a-kind, free online Summit. Our registration uses the industry standard double opt-in process and reminder emails will be sent when the Summit begins August 25. For the next two weeks three pre-recorded speaker interviews will be broadcast daily. The Summit attendees are a select proactive group of incredibly engaged, qualified entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking tools to grow their companies.

The Sponsorship Opportunity

This unique opportunity will provide our sponsor partners with exceptional branding exposure, publicity and a venue to position your company’s message. Throughout the Summit, sponsors nurture a direct relationship with 50,000 curated registrants who are preparing to fund new businesses or raise capital for their current businesses. Our highest sponsorship level is Platinum and all Summit registrants join the Platinum Sponsor’s website in order to attend the Summit for free.

All sponsors will gain both branding and stature by sponsoring this first annual Summit bringing together the largest brain trust of this exploding field. Speakers include top experts from government, legal, finance, business, and social media and entrepreneurship. Sponsoring this premier annual event positions your company as a pioneer in the game-changing crowdfunding industry. Crowdfunding is sure to impact our nation’s economy ~ it has been described as the “Internet of the finance industry”. Your sponsorship and this Summit will help our country recover its position as world leader in innovation.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities for the first annual CrowdFunding World Summit, please contact Sponsor Coordinator Lauren Battaglia 415-755-1142.                               (LaurenB@WebSummits.com)