What a CrowdFunding Platform Can Do For You

Bruce Lipnick, founder of the Crowd Alliance, knows that for crowdfunding to succeed both startups and investors will need help.

Small businesses create the majority of new jobs but the failure rate of early stage companies is high. They need nurturing and business guidance. Any investment is a risk, and even the most experienced investors lose on occasion. But with the right funding and guidance, both investor and innovator can profit.

This type of mentoring can be provided by intermediary platforms–such as Bruce’s Crowd Alliance–which helps both startups and investors prepare for the long-term effects of early Bruce Lipnickinvestment. By connecting startups with investors, potentially from all over the world, Crowd Alliance helps foster a symbiotic relationship that gives both parties options for long-term rewards. A few key strategies, including buybacks and private share sales, will help businesses and investors make the most of their relationship.

For crowdfunding to succeed, and startups to become established sources of revenue, investments must be considered as an element of a greater life cycle. Crowdfunding platforms will be instrumental in that process.

Listen to Bruce talk more about the future of crowdfunding platforms and investor exit strategies  in the Business of CrowdFunding Track of the CrowdFunding World Summit.

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